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As a family-owned business, Silnova is a responsible company committing itself to integrity and sustainability. Basic values and rules of conduct are defined in our internal Code of Conduct and in a more detailed Anti-Corruption Guideline. Those rules are binding for all Silnova employees worldwide, regardless of their function and hierarchical position. We expect our business partners in the Supply Chain to share our values and principles and thus to accept our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Acting in accordance with the law has always been a fundamental guideline for Silnova. The Compliance efforts of Silnova relate in particular to the focus areas of the fight against corruption, competition violations, money laundering and environmental law. Additionally, the following issues will be handled with the highest priority: 

  • Non-compliance or threatened non-compliance with Silnova internal compliance requirements (Silnova Code of Conduct and Supplier Code of Conduct)
  • Non-compliance or threatened non-compliance with legal requirements
  • Complaints or information on all human rights and environmental risks or all violations of human rights and environmental obligations under the LkSG (German Supply Chain Act)
  • Reports according to the applicable national version of the law in implementation of Directive 2019/1937 of the European Union on the Protection of Whistleblowers.

The REHAUroup has implemented a global Compliance Management System (CMS) with the purpose of planning, managing and controlling all activities in relation to Compliance. We systematically and regularly provide compliance trainings to all employees of the REHAU-Group. Also the suppliers are instructed on what to expect from them. A culture of open discussion, transparency and trust guide our compliance efforts. That culture and a high level of awareness of the compliance regulations enable us to address and resolve questions with regard to compliance issues quickly and in an efficient manner. It is our goal to live the compliance culture according to the motto "Compliance at REHAU: Comply – Commit – Trust".

Employees as well as third parties can address possible compliance infringements by using our Whistleblowing System (REHAU Compliance Communication System -CoCoS), which is web based and respects the highest standards of data protection and data security. 

Reports can also be submitted by post and via email. 

Details on how to submit a report as well as our procedure for the Whistleblowing System can be found here.

The General Counsel REHAU Group, the Chief Compliance Officer REHAU Group as well as the central Compliance Department and the local Compliance Contacts manage all compliance efforts at REHAU. At least once a year we carry out effectiveness reviews; if needed, take measures to develop the CMS further.

Group Compliance can be contacted with any enquiries:
Phone: +49 9283 77 2075

REHAU Industries SE & Co. KG
Group Compliance
Helmut-Wagner-Straße 1
95111 Rehau


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