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Silnova combines extrusion and injection molding for efficient and focused production of our tubing, sealing and fittings made of silicone. With our German quality standard and our worldwide network, we offer you custom-fit silicone solutions.

Design + Industry knowledge

From idea to serial production – Your wish is our command. As silicone specialists, our work also extends far beyond this. We can offer you not only the support of our corporate Research & Development department but also the strength of collective action through close cooperation with you to drive innovations ahead. We can accelerate implementation with our prototyping services, for example by means of 3D printing. 

With us as your flexible development partner, you can take advantage of wide-ranging know-how and comprehensive industry expertise to facilitate the certification of your products and enjoy all the benefits of our international scope of standards expertise. As an uncomplicated, attentive business partner we can offer you a full-service “no-worries” package to give you greater peace of mind.

With our long track record of materials expertise, we can tailor the design of silicone mixtures precisely to meet your requirements. Dual silicone compounds tailored precisely to your specifications. No matter the need, be it physical or chemical properties:
Our variable shore hardnesses, colors and special additives allow you to customize individual variants according to your application.

Silnova stands for high-quality silicone compounds. Through the use of our corporate laboratory and cooperation with external testing institutes, we ensure that this quality standard is never compromised. As an innovation driver in the silicone industry
we also design our own pre-developments.

Our efficient production processes offer you not only extrusion but also injection molding manufacturing. Coupled with our premium quality standards, we can offer you silicone products precisely tailored to your specific application. Our close cooperation with Raumedic means we can also offer you the option of clean-room manufacturing.

Our extrusion portfolio offers an extensive range of silicone tubing and profiles. We can also deliver special reinforcements and co-extrusion services. In injection molding production, we process not only solid and liquid silicone (LSR) but also thermoplastics combinations (2C) for the creation of precision-molded parts, and, as a special highlight, can combine the advantages of extrusion and injection molding by overmolding. In this process, extruded semi-finished products with molded parts are overmolded to provide you with ready-to-install assemblies.

Silnova offers you specialist expertise in the areas of assembly and secondary processing. Our range of services includes reinforcement, cutting, punching, drilling, bonding, annealing, talcum powdering and assembly. We apply manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic production technologies.
We deliver ready-to-install assemblies for efficient integration into your products, and can also finish our silicone products according to the principle of one-stop shopping. This includes anti-friction coatings, (print) product finishing and (corner) vulcanization. Our patented Slidetec surface ensures excellent sliding properties without the use of talcum. Throughout the process we play close attention to ease of assembly and installation, for example by means of innovative adhesive tape solutions.

Application areasCross-industry use

We develop innovative and individual solutions, precisely customized for your application.
For this, we process silicone as a material of extremes in injection molding and extrusion processes and guide our customers from the conceptualization to the assembly.

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